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Spring & Fall Cleanups

Spring & Fall Cleanups It’s great to see the sun out during spring, and the entire landscape looks fresh and alive after the cold and bare winter months have passed. This remarkable transformation in the landscape adds to the beauty of your outdoor areas, and soon, the garden will be in full bloom.

Similarly, there is a transformation during fall, and all the trees and plants shed their leaves. This change too, adds color to the landscape, and your yard is covered with leaves of different hues. But there is a downside to the change in season as well, and clearing all the leaves, twigs, and debris can prove to be a tedious task for property owners.

Commercial landscapes are quite expansive, and cleanups of these spaces are even more time-consuming. It’s crucial to remove fallen leaves quickly as they can harbor fungus and pests and affect the health of your landscape. It’s why you need to hire professionals for seasonal cleanups.

Custom Landscape Cleanup Services

At Alternative Landscapes, we are a full-service hardscape and landscaping company that focuses on excellence. We cater to residential and commercial clients and handle spring and fall cleanups of any scale. With over 15 years of managing similar projects throughout Northwest Ohio, we have what it takes to provide our clients with high-grade solutions.

Our clients know that when we handle these cleanups the job will be completed systematically. We offer landscape cleanup plans designed specifically for you, and these could include:

  • Leaf & debris removal
  • Pruning broken & damaged branches
  • Removing brush & weeds
  • Pruning broken shrub limbs
  • Perennial cutbacks
  • Bed edging
  • Trimming & thinning shrubs
  • Pruning dead, unwanted and diseased growth on trees, perennials, ornamental plants and shrubs
  • Mulching flowerbeds and lawns
  • Dirt work &all the hauling off activities such as grading, leveling, removal of any unwanted soil, etc.
  • Weed-emergent control applications

Leaf Removal Services

We handle small and big leaf removal jobs expertly. This may seem like an easy task, but its best to hire expert professionals like us for this task. We use leaf blowers to clear all the leaves from spread out landscapes. However, when misused, this equipment can cause significant damage to your shrubs and flowering plants.

We have years of experience in this space, and our seasoned technicians make sure that your landscape is clear of all the end of season debris and leaves that fall to the ground. A well-maintained landscape isn't just a pleasure to look at, but also stays healthy and resilient.

We make sure that good quality materials and products and the latest equipment are used. It helps our crew to complete the job systematically and efficiently. We maintain a very reasonable landscape cleanup cost, so you are sure to get value for money.

For any seasonal cleaning job, we are the company to contact. If you are looking for high-quality spring and fall cleanup services, feel free to call Alternative Landscapes at this number- 440-342-6159. You can send us queries, and your project details through this Contact Us form on our website. We look forward to working on your project.

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