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Landscape & Hardscape Services

At Alternative Landscapes, we are a full-service hardscape and landscaping company that focuses on excellence. We cater to residential and commercial clients and handle lawn maintenance and other landscaping jobs. With over 15 years of managing similar projects throughout Northwest Ohio, we have what it takes to provide our clients with high-grade solutions. We maintain cost-effective pricing and always focus on customization and personalization. Depending on your project requirements, you can choose from a range of services such as:

Lawn Maintenance

Regular lawn maintenance is required to ensure that your turf remains healthy and looks fantastic at all times. We create tailored lawn care plans for residential and commercial clients and can handle every aspect of the job to industry standards. Ranging from mowing, de-weeding, pest control, fertilization, as well as aeration and more, we handle it all. We use high-quality organic products in our work so that your turf remains healthy and resilient to withstand exposure to the elements and regular wear and tear. Regardless of whether you want a small yard or big commercial landscape maintained, we can help. Read More About Lawn Maintenance >>

Spring & Fall Cleanups

Seasonal cleanups are necessary to maintain your landscape in good condition and keep it looking great at all times. We offer tailored spring and fall cleanups for our commercial and residential clients. As part of these services, we remove leaves and debris from various areas of the landscape. Our experts also carry out careful trimming and pruning of all the plantings and trees on your property. They will make sure that every area of your landscape is clear of leaves and other dirt. We also make sure that this essential job is completed as per your convenience and offer cleanup during spring as well as in fall. Read More About Spring & Fall Cleanups >>

New Lawn & Plant Bed Installations

The beauty of your landscape hinges on various aspects, such as installing the right kinds of features in the right measure. We handle plant beds and new lawn installations. These features create a unique look on your property, and we can customize these to your requirements. We help with plant choices and make sure that the best grass is installed on the property. Installing a new lawn involves preparing the soil and making sure that it is suitable for grass growth. High-quality products are used while preparing the topsoil so that your plantings and all the flowers get sufficient nutrition. Read More About New Lawn & Plant Bed Installations >>

Retaining Walls

If your landscape has soil erosion problems or sloping land, we can design and install retaining walls. We use a variety of materials and products in these constructions, such as natural stone brick or concrete. These specially engineered walls provide your landscape the support it needs and help to ensure that the soil erosion problems, if any, are solved quickly and efficiently. We are committed to providing our clients value for money and offer cost-effective retaining wall services. We make sure that you get good quality retaining walls that are easy to maintain, durable as well as aesthetically appealing too. Read More About Retaining Walls >>

Patios & Walkways

Patios and walkways enhance the functionality of your yard spaces but need to be designed with care. We can use pavers made of natural stone, concrete, or brick in these features. As a company that has been operating in this industry for many years, we can provide high-quality, customized solutions to our clients. We make sure that your patio and walkways are designed to sync perfectly with the beauty of your outdoor spaces. The paver stones will be installed correctly so that the surfaces are resilient and able to endure regular wear and tear. We source the best products so that these features enhance the appeal of your property. Read More About Patios & Walkways >>

Waterfalls & Ponds

Water features are a great addition to your commercial or residential landscape. They create a very calm and serene atmosphere on your property. When designed by experts like us, you can rest assured that your ponds and waterfalls will be stunning in every way. Whether you want a more modernist feature or something more classic, we can create beautiful plans and layouts for you. Our team will help with every aspect of waterfall and pond installation and ensure that high-quality materials are used in their construction. These features create a focal point in your landscaping and lend a well-balanced look to the outdoor spaces of your property. Read More About Waterfalls & Ponds >>


We offer high quality and cost-effective mulching solutions to residential and commercial clients. Whether you want organic or inorganic mulches, we can source the best products and create impactful landscapes on your property. There are different types of mulches to choose from, and we will provide you detailed information about what these are. Our team of experts will complete the installation correctly so that all the areas of your property look neat, colorful, and appealing. Mulches provide the right amount of protection to your soil and help ensure that it retains the water and nutrients at all times. Read More About Mulching >>

Computer Generated Design

When we are designing landscapes for clients, we like to make sure that they have complete information about the types of materials that will be going into it. However, our clients also want to make sure that they understand precisely how their landscape will look once the features are in place. This is why we use computer-aided design software in our work. These computerized renderings give a very clear idea about what the landscape will look like once the installations are in place. We are very creative and innovative in our approach to designing landscapes and like to provide our clients' value for money; our CAD solution helps ensure this. Read More About Computer Generated Design >>

Residential & Commercial Snow Plowing

When the snow falls thick in the outdoor spaces of your home or commercial establishment, you need reliable operators to help with the removal. We provide high quality, prompt, and efficient snowplowing services across the region. We are very proactive in offering these solutions, which means that you get tailored services to meet your specific needs. We can handle snow clearing and ice management on small residential properties as well as commercial spaces. We are on call during the winter season and make sure that all the snow from your property is removed on time. Read More About Residential & Commercial Snow Plowing >>


One of the best ways to create resilient and sustainable lawns on your commercial or residential property is to choose the right kind of grasses. We recommend the hydroseeding method of installing lawns because it is incredibly reliable and gives you lawn spaces that look amazing and can endure regular wear and tear. We use the best hydroseeding slurry mixes and the latest installation techniques, which helps the lawn grow quickly on your property. Our company offers these services to residential and commercial clients at a very reasonable hydroseeding cost, and we can handle jobs of any shape and size. Read More About Hydroseeding >>

If you are looking for high-quality lawn maintenance and other landscaping services, feel free to call Alternative Landscapes at this number- 440-342-6159. We are committed to providing value for money and handle every job methodically, within the committed timeframe. You can send us queries, and your project details through this Contact Us form on our website. We look forward to working on your project.

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